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Unlike the big golf magazines - we have no hidden agenda!
We do not allow corporate advertising - so we are not under pressure to recommend any particular brands!
And we use at least one hundred volunteers - golfers of all standards - in every single one of our tests.

Top 10 Drivers
Don't buy a premium driver without reading this!

Premium drivers are the top of the market - they cost a fortune!
The pros use them, and the golf magazines tell us that, if we are
serious about golf - we MUST purchase a premium driver.

But is a premium driver really the right choice for you?
And are premium drivers really worth the money?

Read our independent reviews and decide for yourself.

The Top Ten Premium Drivers

Top 10 Value For Money Drivers
You don't have to spend a fortune to own a quality driver.

Driver technology is not advancing anywhere near as quickly as the
marketing-men would have us believe.
Many of the big brand manufacturers bring out "new" drivers just to keep the
market ticking over. And there is nothing significantly new about them.

You can save a lot of money by purchasing last year's model.
It will perform exactly the same as the "new" one -
but for a fraction of the price. Read our review of the...

Top 10 Drivers - Budget

Top 10 Better Player Irons
You don't have to be a great golfer to use them...
But it definitely helps!

Better player irons offer more control in shaping your shots left
and right, and adjusting your trajectory.
On the downside, they offer less distance unless perfectly struck.
They are also not as forgiving as game-improvement irons.
Better player irons are not for everyone...
But of you can handle them - they feel fantastic!

Top ten 10 Better Player Irons

Top Ten 10 Wedges
Choosing a wedge - it's all about art!

Science has its part to play in the development of your driver and your hybrid and
even the shape of the dimples on your balls.

But when it comes to your short game, science gives way to art.
The short game is about touch and feel and skill -
and golfers know more about these things than computers ever will.

You can't buy a good short game - you have to work on it -
but a top quality wedge will certainly help.

Top 10 Wedges

Top Ten 10 Putters

Choose the right putter for you.

The Top Ten Site organised the biggest putter test in history!
Read our results here

Top 10 Blade Putters

Top 10 Mallet Putters

Top 10 Techno Putters

Top 10 Game Improvement Irons
There's a scratch-golfer in all of us - waiting to get out!
All we need is the right clubs!

The marketing men would have us believe that we can walk into a
golf store, hand over our money, and leave with 14 magic wands!

We recruited over 100 golfers of all standards to help us
test just about every game-improvement iron on the market.
None of them were magic wands - but some of them impressed us.

Top 10 Game-Improvement Irons